View Full Version : qustion about SBF'ing & Metro PCS

07-11-2011, 04:14 PM
heres a little backstory: i have my droid x 2.2 fully flashed to metro pcs (mms, web, gps, etc.) running on Liberty 2.0.1. Worked great for awhile and then about two weeks ago id notice my data would stay disconnected for long periods of time, especially in the morning. quite the inconvenience.

so in most cases i would usually save a backup, wipe phone, and do a factory reset, but im wondering if this problem has to do with the phone files or something. i read about sbf'ing, never done it, and see that it sorta re-installs the rom, so im wondering if that would be the way too go. but does sbf'ing erase the flash and/or root? or would it just be easier to factory reset? ive been kinda wanting to go back to stock or maybe cyanogenmod7. any input would be helpful. thanks.