View Full Version : Menotek keyboard and DX

06-18-2011, 03:54 PM
Just got the Droid X to work with the menotek Blue Tooth keyboard. Maybe everyone else has already figured this out but....

Open the little cover on the top left of the keyboard and turn the small switch on by sliding it to the left (looking at it from top). Press the connect button on the front of the large rectangle on the left.

I went to settings, selected wireless and networks, then bluetooth settings, then scan for devices. When it found the keyboard I seleced pair with device. When it asked for a password I entered 1234 and selected OK. I immediately entered 1234 on the Menotek keyboard and pressed enter. It gave a warning that it was paired but not connected. But then it connected, the phone rebooted and after that I repeated the entire process and it worked! I was able to type with the keyboard.

PS don't try the .apk that comes with this keyboard. It will just say that you have to register and tell you that the registration failed and close.

Hope this helps