View Full Version : How to set customized notification ringtone?

06-16-2011, 02:41 PM
I downloaded two files, one is a song that I want as my ringtone, and one is a short little audio clip that I want as my notification ringtone. I already found the song and held my finger on it, and 'Set it as ringtone', but when I do the same with the one I want as my notification ringtone, it just gives me an option for 'Set it as ringtone', replacing my song.

How can I set it as my notifcation ringtone, in other words, whenever I get a text message it plays the short audio clip? I tried to manually put the file into my Media>Audio>Notifications folder, but when I search for it through my messaging settings it is not there. Any ideas? I have to have Zelda as my text tone! xD