View Full Version : Developers are not to blame for newbie error...Beware Newbies of Rooted Gingerbread.

06-03-2011, 03:19 AM
I am not blaming the developers for my mistakes. The first paragraph in my post is:

" I managed to screw up my droid x by not knowing what I was doing, while trying to download "rooted gingerbread". I attempted the the 2 part method. This post is about what happened and what not to do!" Over 90% percent of my post is all about what, how, and why I went wrong. My references were based on where I was not clear based on x,y, or z. That is not to say the person or person's were wrong because I didn't understand.

I thought the developers might want to know about user errors. Perhaps, I'm wrong but if I was creating something for the public to use, I would be interested in how and why they managed to mess it up.The blame is again and again on me!

I took the phone to verizon because I manage a mobile team of people. They need to be able to reach me even if I'm not at my desk. A day and a half without a working cell phone, effects my business as well as theirs. I think I could have corrected the problem. I did not have the time for the learning curve because of work.

I bared my throat sort of speak in order to help others from not repeating the mistakes and to learn where I went wrong. I can take constructive criticism and I tend to have a good sense of humor. I do appreciate the kindness, generosity, and support that I have received from the vast majority of people that responded in this forum and others. Special thanks to the individuals that supported my right to voice my experiance and did not silently sit back to mean spirited comments to a new comer. I also appreciate those who I inadvertently irritated and have since apologized for being harsh.

The primary purpose of my post was to reach out to other people like myself, so that they don't repeat my mistakes and to get help. I would agree with some of the people in this forum. If you insult and judge people harshly when they do something wrong, there are many that are not likely to come out the shadows to receive a beating.

I am not sorry for being loud about this experience. As I have some experience in advertising, I understood the value of using a strong title. I literally posted this in just about every forum that I had silently been lurking in sense this past August. This was effective, because people responded and I was able to learn more than, if I hadn't.

F.Y.I I did post in droid-life my questions about the bootstrapper since that is where I learned about this file. It's odd in that forum/blog, I would post a question and it would disappear. I would have to log-in on another site to see the replies. One person responded, but they didn't answer the exact question of if I should delete droid x bootstrap. The site said I need to add droid 2 bootstrap, but not what I should do with the older version. Basically I read a lot, but I was still confused. Somethings I didn't understand as well as others. There were certain things that I didn't even realize that I hadn't understood or glossed over a key element.

Ideally, I would have preferred a chat room to have real time question and answers. I found an android chat once, but I haven't been able to find it again. Ah well, this is all water under the bridge. I will say this, I have had my phone for almost a year and this is the first time I managed to do something that I couldn't easily correct with guidance.

Once I graduated from college, most of what I have learned has been on the need to know basis. I actually started a few successful businesses that way. I made tons of what later became known "as obvious mistakes". I will be making more until, I get good at it. I will come back run it by you guys, before I start to hemorrhage.:wink: