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06-01-2011, 02:55 PM
My OCD is itching. If I had the ability, I would...

Keep the Droid X General Discussion forum as is

I'd reorganize the Droid X help. Inside help would be sub-forums for Froyo and Gingerbread and inside the Gingerbread would be sub-forums for each leak/release

Rescue Squad may get the same treatment... still unsure about that. It'd be nice to have it organized by systems but probably easier for the RS people if it's all together.

RS Guides and FAQ can be left the same.

Then the Gingerbread General Discussion would get a remake with a sub-forum for each of the leaks and OTA

GB Dev and Hacking would get the same treatment, a sub-forum for each leak/OTA. There'd also be a ROM sub-forum with another forum in it for each of the most popular ROMS for each leak/OTA. The Themes sub-forum could stay the same. I'll allow it.

Finally, GB help would be rearranged into a strict sub-forum for each leak/OTA.

Droid X2 I don't care about, they'll have to fend for themselves lol.

Just a disclaimer before others jump on me, I realize upkeep on the site is a very time consuming job and I think the people around here do a great job. I'm just OCD and thought I'd share my OCD-ness. My $0.02.

EDIT: Yes, my PC DOES have a million folders for just a few files. But at least it's organized!!!
and don't get me started on the Droid X Development forum...