View Full Version : Table or List of Roms for the Droid X with Features etc.

05-19-2011, 01:05 PM
Does anything like this exist anywhere? I really don't like being a rom hopper. I want to use my phone for what I got it for. So far I have tried Apex & Liberty, and I like some features of both. I love the Liberty toolbox and how the rom works out of the box with out ads etc.

I like the way Apex looks(lock screen & general green color) and the audio manager effects. Both perform about the same maybe liberty a tad better but I couldn't say for sure. Today, I have been looking at several new roms .595 versions from various sources. I've looked at Drew Garen's Stuff, the Lexlite, R2Droid(?) and the rest.

I don't wanna have to add a ton of apps to get the phone to do what I need and bought it for (got it in Feb 2011): phone, navi, mp3/video player, ereader, etc etc. It's a hell of a machine. For example, in Liberty ads are blocked it seems like by default, or at least its in the toolbox somewhere. In apex, I had to download a separate app to block ads. My head is spinning. I've compared it to distro hopping in Linux. Which I did for a long time. I'm not enough of a Linux Jedi Yoda Guru to build my own.

Is there anywhere I can look to see features and what not side by side or at least rather easily. Reading these forums takes a lot of time. I hate having to ask the same questions in different threads, even though everyone has been very nice and polite. Thanks people.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Rants? If this doesn't exist perhaps there's a way we can make one. This is not meant to run anyone's work into the ground or to bash anyone. It's just that some people want/like features that others have no need for.

One things for sure, after tasting gingerbread and what it can be stock, Liberty, & Apex, I'll never go back to Froyo-moto-blurred. After whining about swipe, I'm starting to get better at it so thats something I'd like to have as an option too. Did I mention I'd like to have HDMI and have it work like it's supposed to in the new X^2. Whats on my screen is whats on my TV. Yet another reason I bought my X.

Edit--> Sorry people, someone can delete this if you want. I found a list of roms, and remember see it a while back. It doesn't include a features list for each. I understand that would be a huge undertaking for one person, but since there are a truckload of mods, super duper mods, admins, etc perhaps they could edit & lock it so that people like myself who don't know better couldn't add to the list.

05-19-2011, 06:03 PM
I like the idea, but no I don't believe it exists... GB is too new at this point. Maybe some industrious person will take you up on it