View Full Version : Android Market Extends App Purchases To 99 More Countries

05-11-2011, 03:33 PM

One of the Android Market’s biggest downsides has always been the inability to buy/sell apps in certain areas of the world. It looks like Google has been hard at work tackling this issue, though, as the reach of Android app purchases is extending to 99 more countries, for a total of 131.

This is probably some of the biggest Market-related news to come out of I/O this year, especially for citizens of the affected countries. Gone will be the days of users wishing they could get that paid-only app or developers having to setup a dedicated PayPal account and website just to make some revenue off of their hard work.

We don’t really have any other details at this point, like which countries fall into this group or when the change is going to happen – but we’ll make sure to keep you updated as we get more info. ;)