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05-10-2011, 05:10 PM
http://www.android.net/img/android-dot-net-avatarpack3.jpg (http://www.android.net/forum/android-news/60867-introducing-android-net-icon-pack-series-3-a.html)

It's been a while since our last Android.net Icon Pack release (Series 2 (http://www.android.net/forum/android-news/59820-introducing-android-net-icon-pack-series-2-a.html), Series 1 (http://www.android.net/forum/android-news/59190-introducing-android-net-icon-pack-series-1-a.html))so we are long overdue for a new set. Well, here it is. Once again this entire set is based on user suggestions and votes! We are stacked with super-heroes in this edition :) So... what do we have here on the list (http://www.android.net/forum/android-news/60867-introducing-android-net-icon-pack-series-3-a.html)?

Super Android
Cowboy Android
Spider Android
Bat Android
Storm Trooper Android
Boba Android
Android Eating an Apple
Cylon Android
MotorDroid (Android and Motorcycle Mashup)

We will be working on our 4th series soon, so please put all of your suggestions in this thread. You can upvote other suggestions by clicking the 'Like' Thumbs-Up on the post with the suggestion that you like.

Please post in this thread: Introducing the Android.net Icon Pack - Series 3 (http://www.android.net/forum/android-news/60867-introducing-android-net-icon-pack-series-3-a.html)

You can download the entire pack in .PNG format at the following URL: http://www.android.net/img/android-dot-net-iconpack3.zip

As usual these may be reused but we do require attribution to Android.net (http://www.android.net) - the Android Forum (http://www.android.net). Let's keep this going and the suggestions coming!

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these rock

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Anyone know what this is? Class? Anyone? Anyone?