View Full Version : Went to Gingerbread (dxgbrooted.zip), phone goes into Boot loop when plugged in

04-30-2011, 09:18 PM
I think I adequately described it in the title. I went to the dxgbrooted.zip leaked Gingerbread yesterday afternoon. I set up Battery Calibration yesterday, and the phone charged fine then. I left it unplugged last night to run the battery down (I have the BH6X in it so I always am weary of the indicated level), but today near to 3 o'clock I was at about 20% and needed to go out, so I plugged it in. Instantly went into a boot loop. When I unplug it it stops boot looping.

This is only wall power mind you, when I go to the computer (I have enough time before it restarts to see it is presently set to "Charge Only") it reboots into the bootloader. Never seen that screen before.

I followed the boot loop rule of thumb and did the data wipe, which temporarily solved the problem. But it's back again. The phone still charges fine when it's not on, so I'm charging it and most likely going to do an sbf flash.

I've done a lot of searching around on various forums, and I've yet to see anyone else experience this exact problem. Oh, I can get into recovery mode okay, but I just get a blank screen when I go to bootstrap recovery. Actually, the last time I tried plugging the phone in while on it went into bootstrap recovery. Strange.

So yeah. I'd like to keep Gingerbread around. But at this rate, I'm just gonna hope an sbf flash won't brick this thing. Any help would be terrific.

04-30-2011, 09:47 PM
I know sometimes when I have mine in development mode I would have issues like this when I had it plugged into the computer. You could maybe uncheck development mode and see if that works.

04-30-2011, 09:52 PM
I checked that after it went into the bootloader when I went into the computer, but it wasn't checked from the beginning. Currently running the sbf flash. If I can just get my phone to behave correctly, I'll be fine with Froyo lol

EDIT: Just finished activating the X with Froyo. Hopefully everything will work out.