View Full Version : Verizon Shell/Holster Combo with Kickstand

04-19-2011, 11:01 AM
I got this case from Verizon here in DE. This shell/holster combo has a built in kickstand that makes watching videos from anywhere much simpler. It also comes with a belt holster that allows the shell to slide into it. The case itself has a textured feel that makes it easy to hold. The holster has the same design and has a felt lining to protect the screen from getting scratched while in the holster.

I have had the case for about a week and I am loving it. It did take some time to "break it in". At first, the shell is hard to slide in and out of the holster, but now it has become easier.

This case is also compatible with the extended battery that is sold at the Verizon stores. I have both the extended battery and the extended battery door installed and am not having any issues with the screen being pushed, or the battery getting too hot. I am a heavy user and I still don't have any issues. I paid $20 here, but on the tag, it says $29.99. I had some credit from Big Red and I get a 25% business discount. Check this case out if your looking for something small, but still protective and durable.