View Full Version : Case that will fit with powermat door???

03-31-2011, 04:30 PM
Please....someone must have the answer to this? I have searched and searched to no avail. Is there a case anywhere in the world that will fit the X with the powermat door installed?? I have tried quite unsuccessfully to "mod" one with a dremel, and have tried multiple silicone cases.

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.


03-31-2011, 05:42 PM
I never found one. Nothing fit right. Didn't matter anyway, the powermat I had quit charging so I took it back.

03-31-2011, 06:41 PM
How in the world can there be no case that fits? You would think that powermat themselves would offer something? If anyone ever sees something that might work, please let me know!

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03-31-2011, 07:47 PM
That's precisely the reason I didn't get a powermat. Because the only case you can use with it is a zagg full body shield.

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