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03-28-2011, 04:37 PM
Hey folks....long time lurker, first post.

Was wondering about feedback on the Trident series of cases. I bought the Otterbox Defender and found that thing to be everything short of bullet proof, but it is HUGE. I'm a doc and have to carry my phone around all day and found it to be just too big...plus, when using the belt clip, I find my scrubs sneaking down my waist into hip-hop mode. Additionally, I found the front buttons hard to push. As well, the silicon doesn't fit snug to the phone creating a gap over the front buttons.

I now have the Naztech Vertex. It's a nice two piece solution but I find that yanking my phone in and out of my pocket all day has been pulling the slicon out from under the hard shell.

I'm thinking of giving the Triden Kraken or Cyclops a run, but wanted to know if anyone found it:
1. too big/bulky (as compared to the Otterbox Defender)
2. sturdy enough to where you're not jamming the silicon back into place all day

I thought about downgrading the Otterbox to the commuter or impact, but can see by the pictures, the same button layout as the defender that causes the gap and difficulty pushing the buttons.

Any other thoughts on other cases (?Incipio)


03-28-2011, 07:02 PM
Sounds like the incipio is going to be best for you. The Kraken is as big as the otterbox defender. The Cyclops may be good, but no one really knows because it isn't out yet. Just available for preorder.

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