View Full Version : creating resizable widgets

03-19-2011, 01:44 PM
With the ADW launcher any widget can be resized, and the Intent that the AppWidgetProvider gets to resize is "com.motorola.blur.home.ACTION_SET_WIDGET_SIZE" with the extras "spanY" and "spanX" indicating the number of rows and columns.

So I have my widgets working great with ADW... re-laying out the UI according to the size changes, etc..

My problem is that my widgets are still not resizable with the DroidX default launcher. The name of the intent (com.motorola.blur..) made me think that ADW was handling resizing the same way as the DroidX default launcher, but something else must be preventing this from working.

Anyway, does the DroidX default launcher ONLY allow resizing of Motorola's widgets, or is there some way to make my widgets resizable with that launcher?