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03-17-2011, 05:17 AM

I've just purchased a Motorola Droid second hand about 3 months old. When i bought it, the auction stated that it was rooted and had 2.2.1. I used it for about 2 weeks and it was brilliant except for one issue. When i was using an app or in settings and hit the home screen button it would change to the home screen, but all the icons would be gone on all three pages. After about 10 seconds they would usually reappear and all would be fine. I read somewhere that this could be due to it being rooted so I looked up how to unroot. I downloaded an app called z4root. I installed it then opened it and clicked unroot. It took a couple seconds then popped up and said you phone is completey unrooted. It was still doing the dodgey home screen thing so I restarted the phone to see if that made a difference. When it booted back up it got stuck on the Motorola Logo and nothing happened. I left it for about 2 hours and came back and it was still stuck there. I tried resetting it multiple times before giving in.

I read a whole lot of different solutions, none of which have worked for me. I tried clearing the cache, wiping all data (hard reset) and installing update.zip. None of these changed anything so I read some more forums.

I read on here that flashing the phone with rsd lite might work so i downloaded that and download the sbf file. I followed all the instructions and kept getting this error:

**Result** Failed flashing process. Phone[0000]: Phone is not compatible with multi-interface super-file. (0x703B); phone connected.

I tried everything I could find. Running RSD as Admin, placing the patch file in the RSD folder, placing sbf in C: Root, placing sbf in RSD Lite Folder, Telling RSD what to do from cmd prompt, and even wiring up a fully charged battery from another phone as i couldnt get the droid to charge.

Please help!! I have run out of things to do and I really just want to be able to use my droid again!

Thank you so much for looking and trying.


Graham Mark

nb. I am in Chch NZ so I cannot return it to VZW.

03-17-2011, 06:28 AM
Are you talking about the original Droid phone with the slideout keyboard? If so, here is a link to our sister site with info about that phone, since this is a Droid X forum...

Motorola Droid - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum (http://www.droidforums.net/forum/motorola-droid/)

If you have a Droid X, here is a thread about the SBF process: