View Full Version : Email Inbox purging repeatedly

03-14-2011, 04:10 PM

Recently, my email inbox has been purging all emails randomly. The inbox downloads email fine. I can send email no problem. I am utilizing the default messaging/email program, accessing a corporate Exchange server. Outlook inbox on PC never changes. Exchange server is not problem - other users are not reporting issues.

Essentially, the Droid X will download emails properly to the term set in the settings on the account (was 30 days - now set to 1 day for testing purposes). For no apparent reason after downloading email and getting up to date, the phone simply purges all email from the inbox. (database is cleared) Contacts, Calendar, all remain unharmed. Inbox has to then download all emails again. Very frustrating.

I have removed the account and reloaded it. No change in the behavior. Please help.