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03-14-2011, 12:00 AM
can HDMI be used to play YouTube or streaming video? I am unable to connect to my TV.

03-14-2011, 12:07 AM
I think u can watch YouTube on the TV but I think u got to get something else with it for it, and I know u can watch movies on the phone and TV, I do it all the time.. u make sure its plugged in to the TV I've heard with the HDMI cable u have to sometimes make sure its all the way in,lol and make sure u have it plugged into the right HDMI port that your selecting on the TV.. or your TV might not be compatible nit sure aboutthat last part

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03-14-2011, 05:40 AM
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03-14-2011, 12:41 PM
Get real hdmi from the market. I stream everything with it. Its pretty good.

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03-16-2011, 05:50 AM
can HDMI be used to play YouTube or streaming video? I am unable to connect to my TV.

i've streamed movies from the x via hdmi to my big screen. you have to use the stock video player. once it's connected to your tv (and you've selected the correct input on the tv, navigate to what you want to watch. when you select the stock video player, a small icon in the upper left corner of the screen will appear, touch that icon, the screen will change to big buttons, touch play (the big button in the middle), and there you go.
the app, real hdmi, can be used to play any video via hdmi to your tv. (there's a thread that explains its use in detail; i found the ui a handful, but it helped that by the time i bought the app i was pretty familiar with my x's layout.)

03-25-2011, 04:51 AM
According to me, you need to change your HDMI cable. I think your HDMI doesnt support your TV. Its better that you change your cable. Better if you purchase it with showroom or from a genuine shop.

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