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03-01-2011, 10:44 PM
i just wanted to say alil word on the moto bluetooth headset/earphones. i have had these for about three months and i do believe they are my best addition to my phone so far. at first i was skeptical because wires really werent a huge issue to me but i gave them a run just to see. i use them in gym and work they cancel a ton of noise and the sound quality is much better than i expected. also the paperwork with the headset said around 30 feet is max range this is false i have gone more than 45-50 feet away from phone and had no effect. i was and am still very impressed, so if anyone was considering these i would give you a big thumbs up! i think my next purchase will be extended batt. :)

03-02-2011, 06:25 AM
+1 headphones and +1 for the extended battery. You won't be disappointed.

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03-02-2011, 07:22 AM
Awesome thanks for the info. I have been considering bluetooth headphones as well. Good to know its a worthwhile purchase

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03-03-2011, 05:56 AM
Ive got the Rocketfish blue tooth headphones from Best Buy, they are awesome as well. They cost me 49.95.