View Full Version : Quick Ninjamorph question...

02-27-2011, 06:18 AM
I am running the Fission ROM and needed my battery percentage icon back. I installed Ninjamorph, read a crash course in using it (thanks droid-Xer) and got my battery percentage icon back in my notification bar. A joyous moment was had. :)

Now my problem...

I am noticing that the battery isn't reflecting the same percentage as in the phone status. For instance at the moment under status the phone is showing 90% battery however my new icon is displaying 80%. As a matter of fact it seems to basically jump straight from 100% charge to 80% and skipping 90% in the display. At least so fast that I don't notice it.

It is driving me nuts having two different amounts like this especially when I know the battery is closer to 90%.

Any thoughts?

BTW I do have a 90% graphic in place.

It seems to be counting by 20% increments...what the...?