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02-15-2011, 11:31 PM
Hope I got your attention because I really need you guys or gals to help me. I can no longer get my droid x to open web pages. I have tried (z4rooted) 3g hotspot, wireless tether, barnacle (unrooted) PdaNet, EasyTether pro. I have solid 3g signal and my laptop shows internet connection to all of them. I can even download bittorrent files from the internet. But none will let me open any webpage in internet explorer. Every once in awhile I can get a page to open but it lasts maybe 5 minutes and then the capability is gone again. All of them worked about a week ago, albeit some better than others, but not anymore. Not any of them. I have rooted, unrooted, reset my x to factory defaults and reloading apps twice but nothing seems to work. My network adapters don't detect any problems. My laptop is only 4 months old and I am running windows 7 os. I will stay up all night with someone who is willing to help. I have no other form of internet available accept my x but I need to do work on my laptop which requires accessibility to web pages. Oh and internet explorer is what im using. If you want to text or call me you can at 419-420-5162. Verizon Wireless. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME! I'm borderline suicidal at this point! Please put your thinking caps on and help me troubleshoot this problem. Thank you all in advance...Kevin from Findlay, Ohio

02-15-2011, 11:42 PM
It sounds like it may be a firewall issue with windows. I run XP and the wife has 7 and she had issues making it work on her computer while mine was pulling in the websites fine.

Maybe someone else will have more experience with windows 7

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02-15-2011, 11:43 PM
I use the 3g hotspot with the patch now and it works fine on her laptop

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