View Full Version : Apex v1.3.1 ROM INSTALL CONFUSION

02-03-2011, 02:35 PM
Hello there all!

My phone is a Droid X with 2.2.1, system version 2.3.340

Im a first time poster here but I love all the great help i have gotten in the past just googling an reading everything you guys put up.

I had a huge crisis yesterday pretty much bricking my phone to bootloader an taking about 4 hours of messing with RSDlite an all that to finally get my phone back, a lot of thanks to you guys!

What I am writing about today is something I am confused about.

Like i said before after my catastrophe yesterday I learned a lot more about rooting an all. So today i obviously re rooted with what i feel like is now a much better understanding.

I went to install Apex v1.3.1.zip through my sdcard through rommanager. I wiped data an cache an made a backup with clockworkmod.... when installation started everything went fine until it got to actually loading Apex. when the code got done running through wiping an making a back up it got to loading Apex an got to "installing update..." an stayed there for a while. At first I was thinking it was just the rom taking a little to load but then realized the status bar below that looks like a dark candy cane wasnt moving at all... all indications made it look like my phone froze.

I waited for about 10min with still no progress... i finally did a batt bull an booted into recovery but it DIDNT boot me into clockwork, where my backup was, it booted me into what im guessing is the stock droid x recovery. I did a "reboot" an luckily my phone got passed the M logo an loaded up, but it acted as if it was a brand new phone having the welcome screen ask me to "set up my new droid x"

I did all this an finally got to my home screen thinking my phone completely factory reset itself but then realized I was still rooted an all....

sorry to be long winded i just wanted to completely break it down...

I am kind of at a loss as to what happened, what i am trying to figure out is:

a) why didnt apex install properly, or maybe i didnt give it enough time? an i missing a step?
b)why did the phone after batt pull not go into clockwork recovery?
c) seemed like all was lost again but i was still rooted??

thank you so much for all your help!!!!