View Full Version : Just flashed Android to an HTC HD2

01-09-2011, 06:46 PM
Yup a WinMo phone running Android 2.2. :greendroid:

Guy at work got this HD2 last June when T-Mo had their free phone day. He was upgrading from a Cliq. He is a good guy but not very tech savvy. He bought the HD2 thinking it was an Android device not a WinMo. Doh!!! Well he dropped it several months ago and we see the results at the top right. Well I mentioned something to him the other day about how there is a way to flash Android to the HD2. So he gave it to me to try out. Said if something screws up no biggie. He isn't out any money. I'm also gonna see if I can find a way to replace the screen for him.