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12-27-2010, 08:07 PM
hello guys im new to the page . i tryed to see if this was on here already with no luck so if it is im sorry I have had my x for awhile now and now i know that the otter box is out i am thinking of getting one untell i just saw the case from seidio a few things i like about the otter box is i have never had a prob. with them in the past on my old phones but was just ready to order it when i noticed the screen clips in the holster out i do like that it is all incased but this other case is also all incase and has a dust cover for the camra the otter does not and the bottins on the otter are coverd other case not but the bottins also loook like they are hard to tap like they are almost resced i have big fingers so i kinda like the way the otter box is but i like the other one that faces in what im trying to find out is do any of you guys have these and ehat are your likes and dislikes to them would help me alot i do like the seidio just thinking the way the bottins are would anoy me and they would be hard to get to here are links to the 2 i am looking at and thinks for any info you guys have

i just look at the otter box sight i guess you can put the phone in the clip both ways i saw a video of it with the phone out and on there wed sight it show it in

Seidio Innocase Rugged Holster Combo for Motorola Droid X - Android Hard Cases - Android Central Store (http://store.androidcentral.com/seidio-innocase-rugged-holster-combo/4A123A7360.htm)
i have found this for 30.00

DROID X by Motorola Defender Series Case // OtterBox.com (http://www.otterbox.com/DROID-X-by-Motorola-Defender-Series-Case/MOT2-DRODX,default,pd.html?dwvar_MOT2-DRODX_color=20&start=1&cgid=droid-x-by-motorola-cases)

i can get this for about 35.00

12-28-2010, 09:03 PM
I have the siedo rugged case and Love it.. Had an otterbox for my blackberry and loved it...
I chose the seido because it doesnt have the built in cover over screen and has the camera cover. I had issues with the blackberry screen cover, as once it gets used alot gets fine scratches on it and cant just replace it. Without it you just replace the screen protector. Also use to get stuff between the built in screen protector and the film screen protector and this just looked bad and a pain to clean up.. dont ask me.. I have no idea how dust or dirt would get in there but it did and looked aweful.
The seido case does have a large lip around the edges but I am still able to use the phone with no issues (just gotta get use to hitting the hard buttong a little diff) unlike my otterbox for my blackberry, sometimes have to turn the screen every direction to try and hit something on one of the edges.