View Full Version : New Update and SD card problems

12-22-2010, 11:25 AM
First off i'm a new droid users and I am not familar with the rooting and all the things that can be done with this phone. Basically my phone is the same as it was when i bought it with apps only bought from the market. My phone worked just fine and i had about 8 gigs worth of music on my sd card with no problems at all.

I noticed the update downloading the other night and it said download sucessful. However once it restarted I the opening screen would stick for a good 20 seconds or so or it would just freeze up. I kept trying to restart and pulling the battery out. Then i tried taking out my SD card and restarting and that seemed to have work. The phone worked alright with out the SD card on it.

After that worked I tried to clear out my SD card and take off all the music on it thinking maybe it was just too much for the phone to handle and the sorta of worked. So I left it over night with an empty SD card (just the music was taken off all the folders accociated with my apps were still there) to give it some time to load. However this did not work. The next morning I was unable to even open up my phone.

So basically my phone works fine without my SD card but with the SD card it freezes up/ restarts over and over/ sticks on a screen for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Any info on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Remember I'm extremely new to droid and am not familar with rooting or anything else of that nature. My phone is stock from the store. Thanks a bunch

12-23-2010, 12:14 AM
If you still have tons of data on the SD it will sorta lag when you first start your phone since it's loads it on boot.
Just be patient and give it some time to load, once loaded it should be smooth sailing...I hope
If problem still persists maybe you need to format the SD card and then reload all your music once again