View Full Version : 24 Days of Holiday Season Surprises at Verizon

11-30-2010, 12:27 PM
There is an awesome new promo going on over at Verizon. For the next 24 days, starting yesterday, every 24 hours Verizon is offering exclusive online deals through Twitter and Facebook. There's been some great buzz on this one on Facebook. In fact, over a million people have already checked out this offer on Verizon's Facebook page! Here is a link to that page: Verizon 24 Days of Seasonal Surprises (http://www.facebook.com/verizon?v=app_173794212646192).


Perhaps we can look forward to having our x-mas stockings stuffed with great deals from this promo. Looks like all you need to do is use Twitter or Facebook to unwrap some sweet deals. Here's how it breaks down:

Click the Unwrap with a Tweet or Facebook Buttons.
Sign in to your Twitter or Facebook Account.
Tweet your message or post it on your Facebook wall.
Once you send the tweet or post a message to your Facebook wall, you will have successfully unwrapped your exclusive online offer.

Today's prize is smokin! $30 bucks off of a DroidX Bundle.


For further details click here (http://solutions.vzwshop.com/seasonalsurprises/?cid=BAC-TWITGECMP).

By dgstorm