View Full Version : "Remote for Itunes" a review...

11-12-2010, 04:27 PM
I use Itunes on my PC so when I got the droid, I was pleased to discover I can sync it to my PC and Itunes.

Now, when I'm out in the back room at night relaxing and my PC (with attached speakers/sub) is rocking out to Itunes in the next room...well..it was a drag to always have to get up and go change the playlist or adjust the volume.

I usually have at least one dog on top of me and getting them to move is a chore.

Enter "Remote for Itunes". I dropped the $4.99 on the app and it does not disappoint. I am now able to sift through all my tunes either by album, artist, or playlist. I can even control the volume with the Droid's volume keys.

I'm glad I purchased :-)


Remote for iTunes (http://hyperfine.com/remoteforitunes/default.aspx)