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11-04-2010, 01:13 AM
I tell ya, I have never been happier with a super phone, but I have some curiosities now.

Rooted Droid X (I'm a huge linux fan so naturally I have to tinker), currently running Rubix Focused 1.0, no theme. Virtually nothing is special on the phone no one else has done, but I am reporting VERY high benchmark scores and MASSIVE LinPack scores, with or without stagefright media things turned on or off. Pandora, a binary clock widget, and Handcent are the only widgets I have running too...

I'd post a screenshot but I can't for whatever reason get DroCap2 to work right. Maybe someone can point me to a better app that requires no computer? Anywho though, I'm overclocked and undervolted (1.2ghz @ 60 vsel, other values are all undervolted by a lot I think) and get over 18, sometimes close to 19 MFLOPS with linpack, and well over 2400 average, as high as 2590 something in quadrant. And for some reason, oddly enough, higher voltages scrap my phone (at any speed it seems), and faster than 1.2ghz will also see it dead until it reboots.

I know quadrant is easily fooled, but still, I'm happy... I get to blow my roomy's Evo4G away (I also rooted that bad boy), and every iPhone I see, jailbroken and hacked or not, and every other super-phone (friend thought his Galaxy S was the bee's knees).

I do have the extended battery, and with average use (maybe an hour on the phone a day, an hour on the web, texting all day long because I'm lame, and Angry Birds for like an hour or so) I can get almost 3 full days and nights without needing a recharge (Less than 10% though). Temp never seems to get above 90* either...

Is anyone else getting scores/bettery life THIS high? Or did I come across a rare and extreme monster of a phone-computer-hi-def-camera-terminator hybrid? Maybe I can post all my minfree, setCPU, droidX OC, etc settings to see if anyone else sees this...

And the questions though, I have been stable for a week or so now (beside one reboot I cause by trying 1.3ghz), should there be any concerns at all??? The only flaw I seem to have found (though cleaning in the root explorer more than likely caused it) is that I cannot send pictures or video in the rare event I'd like to. Is the Mms.apk required for this or have I managed to screw it up another way?

I swear to all the gods this thing could travel time and see through walls if I could find an app for it...

11-04-2010, 05:02 AM
Hey bro, what's up... Anyways, "Dro Cap 2" works better than anything else I've tried, because most don't take the screenshots in the right format. So therefore you cant upload photos straight from your "super phone" lol... When using "drocap", use the countdown method. I set mine at 6 seconds, because after you hit start, you have to hit your back button to get the word drocap off the screenshot.
Now the 3 day battery life lol??? What the hell "super battery" are you using? I have the extended, and with normal usage I get about 24 hrs..
I also get about 19 mflops, but the way it reads by their online
stats, were in the bottom 30% range (when including all smart phones.)
I'm able to be overclocked and stable (no force rebootin,) at 1.35 ghz (medium or high voltage.)

11-04-2010, 07:52 AM
Yes sir this phone is the sh!+. Most X's with those mods are at or even above those test numbers. The only differenec I see between yours and mine is battery life. I do some heavy browsing, texting, emailing, modding, several widgets running over 7 screens and I get about 6 hrs of battery life. I've been averaging a little over 4 gigs of data usage on my vzw bill every month. So enjoy the device, its limits are pretty amazing.

Regarding the mms, do you know for sure if you removed anything? Try upgrading to focused 1.6 and see if the update reinstalls whatever you erased. 1.6 has a few extra goodies.

11-04-2010, 05:43 PM
Well you just solved my drocap problem, guess I just hadn't played with it enough or had enough common sense... sweet.... gracias man. Still don't know how those scores can be that high consistently with 1.2ghz, when it was almost 1000 points less and 2 full MFLOPs less at 1000, with more voltage... seems I still have much to learn...

I just have the extended BH6X, seems to last a hell of a lot longer than the standard one. I just noticed a screw-up though in my first post. I meant TWO days with normal use, sorry... I suck. I don't do a TON of browsing or games, but enough that it should die faster, so I thought it might just be my voltage and profiles in setCPU. I thought I hit a damn goldmine when I got the new battery and the new RubiX (1.0 still), I'll wait to play with more ROMs for a while, I've tried 6 this month and am finally absolutely happy with 1.0, until of course my nerd urges take over. But seriously, the battery in mine seems to take forever to die (unless of course I disable profiles, then it's definately less than 24 hours for sure). As for data though, I know I'm not using that much, so maybe it has something to do with it.

And bottom 30%, that's crazy. I haven't been around too many people who play like I do though, so the internet is a great way to get info like that. Still, It's a lie, has to be a lie, forever... lol. Still, yet to see a phone out-do my X yet (not saying there isn't quite a few though...) so I remain king in my head :)

Okay... enough trying to brag about my phone we all probably have....

the Mms.apk is definately removed, did it myself after knowing HandCent could handle everything, or so I thought. I had to re-install Gmail to get the contacts to sync (big dumb moment on my part) and it got me thinking about why this one and only thing happened... so I concluded maybe it's the mms package. I got rid of more than I should have probably (bluetooth, tts, some others I never use), but it is gone for sure. Anyone have any idea what part of what package controls this? or maybe I just missed something else completely... More for future knowledge though, because I will upgrade again soon I'm sure and don't want to repeat the mistake, because I will remove what I'll never use.

Isn't medium or high voltage a lot higher than the 66 vsel stock?

Another question though, underclocking..... I tried to lower the lowest echo to 250 MHz for screen off or minimal resource time, and to add another echo in the setscaling file.... neither worked at ALL. Can this thing be underclocked? Can you add another scale to it? Not that it bothers much, but I love to toy with stuff and am curious.

Thanks for the replies already and thanks in advance for more!