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  1. Ship dates for 8/18/2010 Post here
  2. So when are we actually getting Froyo?
  3. what are you data speeds?
  4. Kinda Funny Whoops
  5. Solutions to Contact Problems DROIDX
  6. Verizon giving me the shaft!
  7. X Randomly Reboots
  8. Camera zoom only crops pic?
  9. DX froze up for the first time
  10. Has anyone found a better keyboard and autocorrect than the stock?
  11. Has anyone seen this yet? - Download for Froyo on the X
  12. SMS Emoticons?
  13. Copy all Facebook contacts to 'Phone Contacts' ?
  14. 8/11 ship date pushed to 8/6
  15. battery usage okay for me
  16. Hard buttons in the dark
  17. Which WiFi do we have on the DX
  18. Personalized ringtones...
  19. Best IM/Facebook chat app for battery use
  20. You Tube
  21. Facebook for Android update / Error removing FB account
  22. Receiving emails twice...
  23. Back and Search Buttons
  24. Off topic... But where is the Pirate Bay?!?!
  25. Dead DroidX
  26. Google Calendar syncing?
  27. FedEx messes up delivery
  28. What is your signature?
  29. Droid 2 Compared to other Verizon Droids
  30. Any reasons to buy from verizon vs walmart
  31. a little bummed
  32. Why no Bluetooth support for FM Radio APP, arggh?
  33. Facebook Update
  34. To anyone who is still waiting to receive their Droid X...
  35. Android is taking over the WORLD.
  36. printing pictures
  37. Red Eye pop up?
  38. Transfer Contacts- Am I screwed?
  39. Battery Issues?
  40. Sync Times on Droid X
  41. Dead Pixel...maybe 2
  42. hotspot vs wireless card
  43. How much web cache does the Droid X have?
  44. Screen Color is different between two phones
  45. Would you switch to an Evo 4G if Sprint 4G was available in your town?
  46. How do I put in Pauses on phone number?
  47. Email Folders
  48. Streaming Music to Car over Bluetooth
  49. Droid X Transferring a Lot of Data on its Own?
  50. Bragging Rights
  51. Quick 2.2 Question
  52. White Droid X
  53. Rom Buddy - Notification Stuck
  54. SGPstore.com Coupon Codes
  55. Loose Buttons??
  56. So how long did it take you to customize your X?
  57. Android Bug? Check your phone...
  58. [Video] DROID X running Android 2.2
  59. Curious
  60. 1x? 1x??? ONE X?!?!?!?!?!?!
  61. Already bought something for the phone
  62. Droid X and Ustream.... I just want to see my channel??
  63. Ebay accessories
  64. Improving Droid X indoor Photos
  65. Waiting for shipping confirmation email
  66. Dlna w/ ps3
  67. What type of usb cable is this?
  68. Droid X - Lemon
  69. Asurion Claim Help
  70. Signal strength in dBm / extenders
  71. Problem with docking station
  72. lost on memory card and cant find........
  73. Anyone actually scratch their gorilla glass yet?
  74. Navigating the stock music app
  75. Slightly disappointed....
  76. Stock Photo Slideshow Widget
  77. How to unroot the droid X?
  78. Foyo and Bookmarks?
  79. We were SUPPOSED to get Froyo... TODAY!
  80. Anybody debating making the move to the D2? (from the DX)
  81. A couple of questions I can't find...
  82. Droid x not available until 8/18
  83. smart dialing on dinc
  84. VCAST Media Manager Nag Screen
  85. Apple DX bash backfires. DX sells 300k
  86. How to copy short words?
  87. Movies seem to always get deleted
  88. Day2 With DX! Awesome So far!!
  89. Samsung Captivate vs Moto Droid X
  90. Help with Vibrate mode
  91. Strange Files
  92. Email Folders
  93. transferring music
  94. Thanks to all posters from an old fart
  95. Motorola Droid is getting the Froyor 2.2 update next week
  96. "Home screen shortcut: Contact" Question
  97. My first smart phone.
  98. Media Manager
  99. Free Printed copy of User Guide from Motorola
  100. maybe a silly question
  101. Your bottom line....
  102. Moto to allow Droid X to be open source.
  103. What if a current Verizon customer is not up for renewal on every two?
  104. Microsoft "My Phone" to Android?
  105. First look at sales numbers
  106. Droid X Goes to the Tractor Pull (video quality)
  107. apps and email attachements
  108. Order number not working?
  109. My phone randomly shut off
  110. Be sure to wear protection!
  111. Verizon Wireless Network Extender
  113. Should I bother customizing with LauncherPro w/Froyo coming out?
  114. What's you Droid X's Performance?
  115. Latest dust under the screen victim
  116. Car Dock Fiits Garmin Nuvi Mount
  117. What can you do with multitouch?
  118. The Droid X volume bug: Verizon/Motorola should aknowledge and resolve the issue
  119. Latest updates
  120. Return X for Incredible
  121. 8/11 Shipment date orders...post here
  122. The 4 home buttons....
  123. Droid X woes, and Verizon kudos
  124. got my Droid X 2 days ago ......
  125. V Cast Media Manager problem
  126. Droid X gets Froyo in 'late summer'
  127. Where are YOU buying your phones??
  128. Headphone volume limits question
  129. Factory Reset Gotchas?
  130. Good picture thread anyone?
  131. Why would I need a 3g mobile hotspot and a couple other questions for newbie
  132. Could this be the week of Froyo????
  133. [Tip] Browser Homepage
  134. running bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack at the same time through car droidx
  135. Verizon says we get 2.2 update next week
  136. sorry newbie question, usb/bluetooth sync
  137. Can Verizon help adjust volume through an update?
  138. custom notification ringtones not playing fully
  139. 3 email accounts
  140. Alarm issue - Different ringtone every day
  141. Droid X orders pushed back to August 11th on website
  142. Batttery Life
  143. How to save an email attachment in your folders (phone files)
  144. Advice for using DX as an in-car mp3 player?
  145. Droid active X Controlls and DVR's
  146. How do you jump to a new line when text messaging?
  147. Constant restart?
  148. question about charging please
  149. my X restarts constantly .....WTF!!!anyone?
  150. Move files from SD card to internal phone storage?
  151. Has anyone noticed...
  152. Sprint Evo getting Froyo 8-3
  153. Motorola Bootloader Unlock Petition
  154. Bootloader Petition
  155. automatic brightness
  156. Way to turn off
  157. Talk about amazing customer service
  158. Auto sync?
  159. QUESTION: issue with native email app and saving attachments
  160. Good Benchmark Apps?
  161. If GPS is on can people see your location?
  162. Holy Moly It's A Mammoth!
  163. Droid X on ebay for $909 +shipping??
  164. How do change shell in droid terminal
  165. Network ID
  166. Battery Usage Question.
  167. "Out of Office" on the Droid X?
  168. 2.2 update and Yahoo Stat Tracker
  169. Tales from a former WinMo user: Battery Life
  170. Corporate e-mail not receiving notifications
  171. Battery usage
  172. *WARNING* new number= factory reset
  173. ARGH! problems uploading pictures to facebook
  174. Another hilarious Motorola ad poking fun at iPhone
  175. anywayto set up a timer where the phone will turn on and off at a selected time ?
  176. Scrolling in web-based apps a little choppy???
  177. Battery Check
  178. Is rooting really worth it?
  179. Safe to charge Droid X 24/7?
  180. Screen freezes up
  181. Clarifications on Bootloop, Brick, and Recovery Menu, and ROM
  182. Mediaserver process problem, draining battery
  183. anyway we can suggest new features to google for froyo/gingerbread?
  184. Problems with Video...Please look! :)
  185. PSX4droid roms
  186. Spaceing Between Rows of apps , Can I change that
  187. Anyone scared about their physical buttons?
  188. My Wacky Droid X Multimedia Dock
  189. Is there an easier way to toggle GPS?
  190. How do I know if the apps are...
  191. question: any way to remove apps that are already on droid x?????
  192. OpenHome, AW Launcher, or any other suggestions?
  193. Any way to transfer iTunes music over to the Droid X?
  194. Handcent loading slow?
  195. Battery Charging Too Fast??
  196. Focus sound file???
  197. GPS Issues?
  198. Transfer iPhone contacts to the Droid X.. any clue how?
  199. What's the point of rooting my DX?
  200. Figured out how to put Contacts in order by last name - Starting with Outlook
  201. Any reason why apps that I didn't select are constantly running in background?
  202. When I view my message the background is black w/ blue font. How do I change that?
  203. Droid X $179 new customer / $279 upgrade from Amazon
  204. Droid X pics running 2.2
  205. Website Mobile and Touch versions
  206. DROID X & MacBook Pro
  207. Webpage Fit To Screen Tip
  208. First Smartphone, Looking for helpful tips
  209. Change swype keyboard colors/skins?
  210. Download TV shows
  211. Battery died overnight
  212. How to remove icon labels
  213. Can I hook a blue tooth keyboard to the phone?
  214. alarm clocks not working?
  215. Mac Users
  216. My small dilema
  217. Handcent issues and chomp
  218. Need advice for buying a Droid X
  219. Handcent glitches since last update..
  220. Droid does flying...
  221. can soemone please
  222. How to not update pictures from Facebook for Contacts
  223. Backup/sync program for DX?
  224. trick for expediting hiding of pages-bar when flipping through homescreens
  225. Dust behind screen!!
  226. My Droid X definitely has a battery or battery hog problem... Screenshots Inside
  227. New to VZW? Check your bill
  228. Launcher
  229. Navigation woes
  230. New Droid X question
  231. Droid X Not Recognizing my 32GB SD Card
  232. Tracking Status-Delivered!
  233. Going to Verizon to swap battery today
  234. Future flash question..
  235. Pre-packaged contacts
  236. 2.2 update
  237. Push vs Fetch for E-mail
  238. Stock weather widget vs. WeatherBug Widget
  239. selecting text
  240. My First OTA Update! YAY!
  241. News widget no longer updating?
  242. Low Light Images
  243. Media back-lash from Apple's bogus "Droid X death-grip" Claim.
  244. Random Reboots
  245. DroidX bootloader question
  246. Decisions....
  247. Replacement Droid X from Verizon
  248. Launcher Round-Up
  249. Steinheil FUll Body Protection question...
  250. Are we now big screen spoiled???