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  1. Verizon begins sending early upgrade promotions to customers
  2. Rumor: Droid 1, Droid Incredible, and Droid X to receive 2.2 update, starting on 8/6
  3. [Update] Android refund period remains at 24 hours
  4. PSX4Droid - Playstation Emulator - Now Available on Market [DF Exclusive]
  5. Google to allow purchasing of Android apps through carrier
  6. Droid X suffers from Death Grip too, says Apple
  7. Verizon CFO: No rush for tiered data plans
  8. Droid X shipments on schedule, some arriving earlier than expected
  9. Verizon to reps: Don't comment on "rumors" about Tiered Data
  10. Droid Does... AOL? Yes!
  11. Root has arrived for Droid X (Update: Video Added!)
  12. AppBrain shows why Android Market needs better filtering
  13. Verizon confirms 1 in 1,000 Droid X devices have defective screens
  14. Official Droid X OTA Update Changelog leaked
  15. Droid X "Eagle Eye" commercial unveiled, plugs Blockbuster
  16. Yahoo! Fantasy Football app coming soon
  17. Verizon 4G rollout reaffirmed, thanks to leaked docs
  18. Another update for the Droid X?
  19. [New] Motorola responds to Droid X rumors, promises eFuse won't destroy phone
  20. Droid X shown off in new commercial, does weird things to humans [Video]
  21. IGN launches Android section, slew of game reviews follow
  22. Verizon Droid X inventories becoming depleted
  23. June Survey: Apple and HTC are winners, Motorola and RIM not so much
  24. Motorola Droid X now availabe online with Verizon
  25. Motorola Droid X Cloth Case Give Away.
  26. Verizon extending Droid X early upgrade program to more customers
  27. Getting a Droid X tomorrow? Consider donating your old phone, asks Verizon
  28. Verizon Wireless preparing systems for 4G devices
  29. Androlib revamped, estimates 1 billion Android apps downloaded in total
  30. Motorola On the Bootloader Issue: "It's in your best interest"
  31. Verizon Summer Catalog Leaks! Droid 2 Unofficially Now "Official"
  32. VZ Spokeswoman on Droid X launch: "We have inventory to meet customer needs"
  33. Another OTA for the Droid X.
  34. Droid X inventories leaked, Availability not aplenty
  35. Helping Droid X Forums grow.
  36. Could it be another release with limited availablility
  37. Droid X Bootloader Locked, Custom ROMs Unlikely
  38. Verizon: Total of 170 Droid X's Shipped Early
  39. Motorola Droid X Has Landed!
  40. Welcome to Droid X Forums
  41. Droid X Scores 1173 on Quadrant Fresh Out of Box
  42. Droid X Forums is now on Twitter!
  43. Droid X Scavenger Hunt Rules Posted